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New York Times: The treasure hidden behind a wall
(The treasure behind the wall)
Something in the new ‘Oscar de La Renta’ boutique in Paris was very different from appearances.
The 17th oil painting discovered behind a wall during the development of the Oscar de la Renta boutique in Paris will be restored by Benoit JANSON and his team.
New York Times By Vanessa Friedman – Jan. 21, 2019

Le Parisien: A work of art found by chance
Experts can’t believe their eyes. On the vast construction site of the future Oscar de la Renta boutique, workers and architects discovered a 17th century painting. Restored, it now reveals all its splendour.
Eric Le Mitouard – 02 February 2019

Barneby’s: Discovering a painting from Le Brun’s school behind a false partition.
A monumental 17th century painting was discovered behind a false partition during the renovation of the future fashion boutique Oscar de la Renta, located on Rue de Marignan in Paris. The expert Stéphane Pinta revealed that it was a work of 1674 made by a collaborator of Charles Le Brun.
Barneby’s art auction – January 2019

France Inter: A 17th century painting discovered by chance in a shop in Paris
During the construction of a Parisian luxury clothing boutique, the architects discovered, hidden behind a brick wall, a monumental canvas.
France Inter, Delphine Evenou, published October 21, 2019

International Courier: An exceptional 17th century painting hidden in a Parisian boutique.
During work, workers discovered a painting executed under Louis XIV, The New York Times reported. Six metres long, the painting was hidden behind a wooden panel in Parisian offices being transformed for the boutique of fashion designer Oscar de la Renta.
International Courier – 01/24/2019

Huffington Post
“In the workshop of Benoît Janson, magician in contemporary art restoration”
Alexia Guggémos – 21 September 2012

The eye
“The puzzle of contemporary art restorers”
Armelle Malvoisin – October 2010

Restored artists’ works

Adami Valerio, Call Karel, Arman, Arroyo Eduardo, Basquiat Jean-Michel, Buffet Bernard, Brauner Victor, Calder Alexandre, César, Chaissac Gaston, Robert Combas, Dali Salvador, Debré Olivier, Jean Degottex, De Stael Nicolas, Dominguez Oscar, Jean Dubuffet, Dufy Raoul, Ernst Max, Erro, Foujita, Frize Bernard, Garouste Gérard, Goldstein Charles, Gréaud Loris, Hantaï Simon, Haring Keith, Hélion Jean, Herbin Auguste, Hirst Damien, Jacquet Alain, Kisling Moses, Peter Klasen, Yves Klein, André Lanskoy, Léger Fernand, Longo Robert, Magritte René, Man Ray, André Masson, Mathieu Georges, Monet Claude, Miro Joan, Monory Jacques, Murakami Takashi, Nemours Aurélie, Niki de Saint Phalle, Picabia Francis, Picasso Pablo, Poliakoff Serge, Rancillac Bernard, Raynaud Jean-Pierre, Raysse Martial, Renoir Auguste, Richter Gerhard, Riopelle Jean-Paul, Schlosser Gérard, Soulages, Télémaque Hervé, Tanguy Yves, Takis, Sisley, Utrillo Maurice, Van Dongen, Vasarely Victor, Voss Jan, Warhol Andy, Tom Wesselmann, Wou-ki Zao… and many others.