The Indépendant Catalan : Benoit Janson at the bedside of a Calder stable in Perpignan

Calder’s stabile, estimated at nearly 5 million euros, finally auscultated.


Benoit Janson and the team of restorers auscultate the “Broken Wings”, Calder’s stabile installed on the forecourt of the Saint-Exupéry college in Perpignan. Photo Olivier Got.

The Department appointed the art restorer Benoit JANSON and 2 other specialists for an audit of the stabile of Alexander Calder, tagged and mistreated, in front of the Saint-Exupéry college. The stakes are high: a sculpture from the same series was sold for nearly 5 million euros last July.

The “Broken wings” have been suffering for several years on the forecourt of the Saint-Exupéry college, opposite the Moulin-à-Vent aquatic area in Perpignan. The work of Calder, a major American sculptor of the 20th century, is tagged, degraded, unbolted and poorly maintained. Several initiatives have tried to mobilize around this stable copy of the mobile specialist.

And there, a hope arises …

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